Tech Note F104-24, Design of Cold-Formed Steel Bearing Stiffeners

Tech Note F104-24Summary:

Cold-formed steel (CFS) members consist of relatively slender (large width to thickness ratio) web elements, which may experience buckling under concentrated loads. In CFS construction, these loading conditions can occur at interior or end support bearing locations. Thus, one design limit state to check in CFS design is the web crippling capacity of the member. When the web crippling strength is inadequate, a web stiffener can be used as the most common remedy to avoid web crippling due to concentrated loads. Web stiffeners can take multiple forms, including Tech Note F100, Clip Angle Bearing Stiffeners, proprietary clips, C-section or track section profiles. This technical note covers the design of C-section and track section profiles used as web stiffeners.

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