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When you join Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI), you will gain access to a wide range of benefits uniquely tailored to the needs of engineers who work with or want to learn more about cold-formed steel.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Electronic copies of all CFSEI Technical Notes and Research Notes.
  • Emailed electronic versions of all new Technical Notes, hot off the presses and sent directly to your inbox.
  • Information which highlights current research trends, industry news and events.
  • Access to Members Only section of the CFSEI website filled with vast industry resources and publications for easy download.
  • Your name and company logo in the CFSEI "Engineer Finder” directory: an easy way for clients to find you.
  • Member discounts on American Iron and Steel Institute and CFSEI documents, publications, and seminars: up to 25% off  most items, including code-referenced standards and design guides.

Member Dues Structure

Engineering Firm Corporate Membership -  $500 annually
This category extends CFSEI membership privileges to employees within an engineering firm.

Professional Membership - $100.00 annually
Practicing engineers are welcome to join in this category, as well as other professionals, including architects, code officials/inspectors and other designers.

Student Membership  - Complimentary
Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join CFSEI free of charge.  Your status will be upgraded to the Professional Membership category upon graduation.

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Manufacturer?, Contractor? You can still be involved through a corporate or individual membership with the Steel Framing Industry Association – click here for more information.


Get more with CFSEI membership Referral Program

• Refer 3 people who join CFSEI (professional memberships) and receive your next year membership for free. Referee gets first webinar of their choice for free.

• Refer a student who joins CFSEI (student membership) and receive the first webinar of your choice for free.