The mission of the Student Competition on Cold-Formed Steel Design is to promote higher education in cold-formed steel structural design and to encourage students to use creative thinking skills to solve engineering problems.

Competition Organizer

Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute, www.cfsei.org



The 2022 CFS Design Competition is open to all full-time students at all levels. Students can work on the project individually or within a team.

Student Membership

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  • February 18, 2022 - Submission deadline. All submissions shall be received electronically by 6:00 pm at student entrant's local time. Send entries to [email protected].
  • April 2022 - Winners selected by the Judging Panel.
  • May 2022 - Winners announced.
  • June 2022 - Awards mailed to the winning students.

For additional submission instructions, please contact [email protected]


  • 1st place student will receive a $2000 USD monetary award, an award plaque, and virtual-all access to the 2022 Expo.
  • 2nd place student will receive a $1500 USD monetary award, an award plaque, and virtual-all access to the 2022 Expo.
  • 3rd place student will received a $1000 USD monetary award, an award plaque, and virtual-all access to the 2022 Expo.
  • All participating students will receive free CFSEI student membership.

The winning designs will be recognized and exhibited at appropriate platforms such as professional conferences, websites and newsletters.

2022 Cold-Formed Steel Design Competition Problem

Wall DrawingWall Section Design

Submit a shop drawing design package for the cold-formed steel framing shown in the provided contract document abstract of an exterior platform with soffit. The abstract includes a typical architectural detail, structural detail, general structural notes (GSN), and the division 05 40 00 project design specifications for the cold-formed steel framing. The shop drawing design package needs to provide all the necessary information required in division 05 40 00 specification abstract. The specification lists the required components of the shop drawings. The package needs supportive calculations showing the framing components meet the design load requirements per specification.

Shop drawings should consist of the following:

Show details of fabrication and installation, include sections, details of components, and attachments to the support structure. Include spacing, sizes, thicknesses, and types of cold-formed steel framing; and fastening and anchorage details, including mechanical fasteners.

Indicate reinforcing channels, opening framing, supplemental framing, strapping, bracing, bridging, splices, accessories, and connection details. The CFS framing must allow the intended architectural finishes and shape to be installed while connecting to the primary structure for support. Reference the 05 40 00 specifications for additional information.


The calculation package should include everything used in your design process to create the shop drawings.


Support members and attachment clips must all use the material cold-formed steel. Any form of connection to the support structure like welding, mechanical fasteners, bolted, power-driven fasteners, etc., is acceptable. Students can use proprietary products provided by manufacturers such as clips and members, but they can design custom shapes or clips of their own.

Calculations should focus on hand calculations, but students can use software like RISA/SAP/RSG, etc., to backcheck the designs. Hand calculations should focus on using the information provided in SFIA/SSMA manuals, AISI excerpts, and CFSEI technical notes.

Students can reference the following links for additional information.

Download Competition Drawings
Download Entry Form

For More Information

Additional questions on the competition subject, software, and submissions should be addressed to:

Georgi Hall, CFSEI Student Competition Chair
Tel: 925-635-9287
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